Kids Rooms

As a busy mom of three boys, I know firsthand about decorating everything from a nursery to a kids rooms and how to transition their spaces as they grow!

I’m sharing my children’s bedroom ideas and inspiration with you!

Up for a fun DIY? I’ll show you how we created a wallpaper nursery accent wall? Having a playful print on one wall can create an enviable feature in your child’s bedroom! Follow this step by step tutorial for creating a wallpaper nursery accent wall and that dreamy nursery will be yours in no time!

Looking to add a reclaimed wood accent wall to a room in your home? It is an easy way to add interest and texture to any wall, whether it’s a bedroom, living room or even a ceiling.  

If you need to organize and declutter all those toys, games and other bits and pieces in your kids playroom, making it easier to find everything and put everything back in its place – we have some tips fo you.

Want a DIY your kids will love? Check out our life size ruler project!